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Light and Hygge

“Hygge” — pronounced hyoo-guh — is a Danish word that you’ve probably felt but it’s tricky to define. It includes everything from “cosy togetherness“, “taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things” to the “absence of annoyance” and “cocoa by candlelight“.

Hygge is more of a feeling than just one thing. You can experience it with others or by yourself and it’s more about having the right atmosphere and experience and feeling safe and snug.

The idea of creating an atmosphere conducive to feeling Hygge has become more popular in recent years, particularly as it partly explains why Denmark is ranked one of the happiest countries on earth.

According to “The little book of Hygge“, when Danes were asked what they most associate with hygge, an overwhelming 85% mentioned candles. There is no faster way to get to hygge than to light a few candles and Denmark burns more candles per head than anywhere in Europe.

In fact, Danes prefer natural and organic products. They love their candles so much that more than half of Danes light candles almost every day during autumn and winter, according to a survey by one of the major newspapers in Denmark.

The rule of thumb is: the lower the temperature of the light is, the more hygge. Fluorescent tubes are 5,000K, while sunsets, wood and candle flames are about 1,800K – known as the hygge light sweet spot.

So for some instant hygge and all the pleasure that goes with it, why not light some candles, snuggle up under a blanket with your favourite hot drink and enjoy the moment.


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Renata Wright

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