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‘Be One With Nature’

Are you busy working, building your business, or being a parent?

Do not have time for overwhelming options in skincare? Do not have time to apply makeup remover, toner, moisturiser, and protective cream? Do not have time in the morning to apply shaving form, balm, moisturiser, and soothing cream? Do you care about your skin and natural products without harsh detergents or artificial ingredients? Do you care about your environment?

These questions I asked myself before I created Pure Herba soaps and its Baobab oil collection. Our skin absorbs a large proportion of what we put on it and with that thought in mind, I designed the soaps which answered positively all the questions above and are also kind to the environment.

Our soaps contain the best plant oil-based oils and pure essential oils derived from fruits and flowers preserving the natural goodness and helping your body and mind to feel amazing. Our cold processed soaps are handcrafted and developed to enhance the healing power of nature.

Pure Herba soaps can be used for cleansing, makeup removing, shaving, and moisturising. They keep your skin smooth, radiant, well-nourished and protected by oils within.

We are using plant-based oils specially selected for their abilities and benefits to the skin.

Our Baobab Oil Soap Collection is created to help enhance the natural look of your skin.

The soaps are set into four categories due to pure essential oils and herbs used.

  1. PURE – Pure, Pure Silver, Lavender and Chamomile
  2. CALMING – Chamomile, Pure, Turmeric and Lavender
  3. ENERGISING – Nettle, Calendula, Charcoal and Pure Silver
  4. NOURISHING – Rose, Pure Silver, Turmeric and Calendula

Some soaps have more than one function but all of them are create a rich, luxurious lather and leave your skin well cleansed and glowing.

PURE HERBA soaps are natural, vegan, palm oil-free, without parabens, silicones and SLS (SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE), and do not contain plastics. The packaging is fully recyclable.

Ready to take the plunge?

Want to browse our latest products? then head over to our shop. If you have any questions we will be more than happy to advise so feel free to contact us

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Renata is the founder of PureHerba and has a passion for organic and environmentally friendly beauty and skincare products. Continue Reading...

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